We are a full service computer consulting company that is devoted to customer service.  Peruse our site to learn how we can help you at work, home, and everywhere in between.

Thanks to our vast knowledge base, a Techknow Guru can assist you in most of your technological endeavors.  This page will introduce you to a few of our services.  Do not fear, if you need additional help that is not found on our web site simply give us a call and we will evaluate your situation with no charge to you.

Our team consists  of dedicated individuals that have your best interest in mind.  All Gurus are trained in the philosophy that the customer is always right and always comes first.


We have partnered with several local and global companies to provide you with the best possible service.  Read more to learn about our strategic partnerships that continue to grow each month.

Dell Partner Program

By partnering with Dell, Techknow Gurus gained immediate recognition in a global computer market.  Now we are a viable partner that can leverage Dell’s market share to bring you the best pricing available on business class machines and servers.  We can also extend Dell’s world class customer service to assure you that your hardware will be up and running so you can continue to do business as usual.

Microsoft Partner Network By becoming a Microsoft Partner the Gurus gained an inside edge with the largest software company in the history of the world.  We can use this partnership to bring you great deals on software as well as an inside track on the latest software and current updates.
Learn more about Data Recovery
services from the Industry Leader
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Drive Savers is the premier data recovery company in the world.  They can recover anything.  Call us today for special partner pricing on your next big hard drive disaster.


Since the Gurus are locally owned, you, the customer have an advantage when utilizing our services.  You get more for your money by being able to customize any job with less expense than hiring a larger firm.
Call other firms for services, call the Gurus for Solutions!


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