Check out our many services:


  • Flat Rate Fee for new Installation, Set up and customize PC
  • Move Data from old PC to New


  • Add Memory to Improve Performance
  • Install new Video Card to enhance visual effects
  • Add a large Hard Drive to store all of your important files


  • One time fee to set up your network
  • Print to one printer from all computers
  • Share files and folders with other users


  • Install and configure a wireless router
  • Verify connectivity for all laptops and other devices
  • Set up file and print sharing


  • Offer help and advice for all of your technology needs
  • Suggest ways to optimize the performance of your network
  • Help you plan for future growth and expansion

Data Security:

  • Help with data security and encryption
  • Assist in assigning secure passwords to critical applications


  • Help you choose the right plan for you – Online or local
  • Schedule unassisted backups

Web Design & Hosting

Virus Removal:

  • Clean existing infections
  • Suggest and install a virus protection application
  • Configure Application to scan all important files and emails
  • Schedule a scan to run when you are away from your PC

Computer Optimization:

  • Remove unwanted and unnecessary programs
  • Tweak Windows for optimal performance
  • Install utilities to help your PC work to its full potential

and Much More!

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